Here's Your Letter

Album: blink-182 (2003)
  • Mark Hoppus: "This song is about people's inability to communicate with one another and how words and explanations only confuse the issues." >>
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    dsadsa - dsa, United States
  • Hoppus: "It's a song from which I wrote the verses and Tom the choruses and which are from two different songs. I don't know... It really worked! Lyrics are about a letter you're writing to someone in order to tell him/ her it's over, that there's no way it can work anymore." >>
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    Tim - Pittsburgh, PA

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  • Drama from San Angelo, Txits obvios this song is about hurt...but trying to move on and live a normal life
  • Jose from Miami, Flthis song is obviously like mark said about communicating something to someone you love. i love this song it's awesome and i love the guitar in it its soooooo cooool
  • Stacy from Scranton, United StatesI abosolutly love this song!I just listen to it in my room and rock it out for hours...its really cool.i loved Blink-182 for so long but this song really made me think.

  • Rachael from Bismarck, Ndk i guess i have more to say than that. this song just..idk. it makes me think about relationships..and saying something isnt always a good idea, you have to weigh the good points with the bad before you say something. in the end, if youre still confused, say how you feel.
  • Rachael from Bismarck, NdThis song makes me sad.:(
  • Chloe from Hampshire, EnglandFor me the song is about realising the need to communicate with people, especially those who you need or those who need you. (No mike you didn't burn a bridge I'm still here). We need to be able to understand and communicate with each other or it will complicate our lives
  • Alex from Portsmouth, Englandthis is a great song and i was in like a freindship with someone and now they no everything about me it has changed, for the worse :-(. its so hard to talk to them now its like im a stupid little boy who she see's right through and its like im not there. i thought that it would be easier having an open freindship, but no i got mistaken and cocked up my life. i thought it would be better to tell because it may be too late to tell them someday but i did and i did it wrong. im sorry. there's something there with me but im not sure about them. i need you to stop my doing stuff. i thing ive "burnt a bridge."
  • Abby from Huntsville, TxThis song definetly hits close to home with many people. It is hard for many people in a relationship to communicate.
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