I'm Lost Without You

Album: blink-182 (2003)
  • Travis Barker: "The keyboards in the beginning remind me of Pink Floyd or Failure. I think the choruses are really big and lyrically it's something everyone can relate to. We recorded two drum sets for the outro. One whole track, and then I played to the click. Then I played until I couldn't stop playing. It was something we always wanted to do, but never got around to."
  • Tom DeLonge: "The original idea for this song was to have the chorus be the verse and have there be no chorus, just gigantic, heavy guitars. We worked on this song for about 6 months and it kept just getting better and better, and stranger and stranger. This song is one that could only be fully realized when listened to with headphones. To hear the 50 or so tracks that were recorded on this song, you need a dim room and a somber mood. As the song ends, two drum sets play off of each other and take you to a different place, as does each of the verses that were recorded separately form each other. One of which was a 1960s effect by singing through a rotating speaker. It sounds like I'm underwater but it's f--king cool. The feedback in the middle of the song was a one take art form of making the guitar song really tweaked and ugly. I say art form because to make the guitar sound that way, you constantly have to twist and turn it like an acrobat on drugs." >>
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  • Delonge: "It is really complex to describe this song because it starts with loopings and all sorts of electronic ambiances. The first and a half minute, there's nothing but piano with my voice over. And then the song goes in the total opposite way and explodes with 11 different sorts of guitars, big crazy breaks. There are feedbacks, just like Radiohead's and then follows two drums which play different rhythms for 3 or 4 minutes. It is a really romantic song: 'Are you afraid of being alone because I am. I'm lost without you' which repeats itself. It is a really trance and hypnotic song, so cool to listen to with headphones. There is no better way to appreciate it than to sit back and take your time in order to understand all these little things we've done for your ears." >>
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  • Pia from Antipolo, PhilippinesWas this song made for a vampire movie? If not, it shouldda bec besides the fact that the music is beautifully haunting, I actually thought the lyrics said, "Give me your NECK and with one kiss we begin..."
    Plus, the lines "I swear that I can go on forever again" and "I'll leave my room open till sunrise for you" both refer to vampire activities.
    BTW, I'm not into vampires, I just have a very creative imagination.
    Just saying ;)
  • Kayley from Manchester, EnglandThis song is one of many blinks masterpieces, I love the song very moving and also different to any song they have done before. And everyone can relate to the lyrics i know i certainly can!!
  • Raymond from Sydney , Australiai met this girl and I heard a voice say 'you'd be lost without her' the voice seemed to be head central not this side or that -- a good omen? find me if interested in voice discernment.
  • Maddie from Denver, Cothis is one of my favorite songs by blink-182, i love the lyrics and everyone can probably relate to this song. i love this song.
  • Max from Loveland, Coi mean, most long song seem to just dragg on and on.. and that's why i like this song
  • Max from Loveland, Coi really like this song. it's so long, but it doesn't seem to just like drag on on..
  • AnonymousI really like this song because it's my friends and my song. It's a really nice song, and the piano in it is just sooooo awsome! The words are just really sweet, and the way Tom sings it what makes the song so wicked. I love Tom! And Mark!<3 =]
  • Derek from Plaistow, NhThis song brings a tear to my eye everytime i hear it
  • Helene from Staten Island,ny, United Statesi dedicate this song to my good friend.i dont even know if he still wants to be my friend.i havent talked to him in a while and hes mad at me and i dont know why.i really wish he could forgive me from all that happened last summer cause me not talkin to him makes me feel lost without him.=[
  • Kt from Edinburgh, Scotlandi cried the first time i heard this song. it reminds me of me and my boyfriend, because i would be lost without him.
  • Guillermo from San Diego, CaI like this song.I never took the chance to listen this song until i was bored enough to listen to the whole album.This song reminds me of my girlfriend and how much i will miss her if she leaves me.I would be lost without her.Thanks guys for making this song.PEACE OUT!!!
  • Alex from Loveland, CoIt is such a shame Blink-182 broke up. I was listening to this song while reading all this stuff about Blink-182 and comments people made and it was really hard to not cry. I think we're ALL lost without Blink-182, if you can relate to that at all. I believe it a little bit...
  • Alex from Loveland, CoLast night I was listening to this whole CD, and I have has this CD for awhile, but I never took the time to listen to this song. (ie, last night was the first time I heard it) It is the most beautiful slow song I have ever heard! It is such a pretty song. It reminds me a little of my ex.
  • Jonathan from Houston , TxThis song reminds me of my ex girlfriend , her name was lile, and she left me 3 months ago, but anyways, in the past when our relationship was called deep love, she dedicated that song to me, and till now i hurt everytime i hear it, because im am lost without her, thanks blink for writing this song.... i hope lile can come back to my life i miss her so much
  • Rachel from Hull, Englandthis song is ace! you can tell that he really doesn't want this girl to leave and how sad he feels by how 'i'm lost without you' has been repeated so many times throughout the song. i <3 tom.
  • Sarah from Victoria, Canadai freakin' love blink 182. i'm lost without you always gets to me.
  • Charlotte from Leeds, EnglandThis is my ex boyfriend and my song it reminds me of him every time i listen to it witch is sometimes really depressing but i just have to play it again because it has so much meaning to it. The lyrics are so true i can totly relate to them. The first time i stayed over at his house he sang this song to me and because he sang it to me it made perfect sense that's when i realised i loved him and how great this song is!
  • Tanner from Bakerfield, Cai love this song, it reminds me of my girlfriend who was just my friend until my dad died then she told we told each other at the funerel how we felt
  • Azizah from Cape Town , South AfricaThis is such a stunning song and the album is awesome!! I know people think that they've sold out but I don't think so. They've matured and have only gotten better. Change is scary but not necessarily a bad thing. Here's to many more (hopefully!).
  • Merr from Nova Scotia, Canadathis song is so amazing . its so beautiful and toms voice sounds amazing the whole song is so deep and romantic i love ot !
  • Alex from Portsmouth, Englandi really like this song, because i would be lost without someone. i'd do everything and anything for her and i think that is what the song is about.
  • Margie from Franklin Square, Nyi love this song and marla is right we can all read [hopefully] and you guys think that we dont realize this so basically u did nothing but this song is friggin awesome
  • Marla from Syracuse, NyAll these quotes from the band are taken from the CD. They're all written right next to the lyrics.
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