Stockholm Syndrome

Album: blink-182 (2003)
  • Mark Hoppus: "The beginning of this song has letters that my grandfather wrote to my grandmother in World War II. Joanne Thalley came into the studio and read them. The song itself is about paranoia. Being afraid of the outside world convinced that people can hear your thoughts." >>
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    Tim - Pittsburgh, PA
  • Stockholm Syndrome is when you connect with people who have kidnapped or detained you, and you and begin to feel protective of them because they are all you really have. The condition is named after a famous robbery in Stockholm, Sweden in 1973 where captives were kept in a bank vault for 6 days. They felt sympathy for and defended the robbers, even after the ordeal. >>
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    Nome - melbourne, Australia

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  • Garry from Melbourne, AustraliaMust be about how he felt his relationship with Tom was at that point.
  • Louis from Glendale, AzStockholm Syndrome has nothing to do with rape, Arkady.

    Regardless. This song is PROOF that even the most immature people can become mature, slowly, but surely. And when they do, the actual good songs finally come out.
  • Kelly from Adelaide, Australiathis is my absolute favourite song.
    stuff muse, blink 182 bloody pwned this.
    definitely playing at my funeral.
  • Delilah from Baltimore, Mdthis is a realy cool song. I agree with Taylor on the way it's sung. I love how they have the two differnt parts alternating. It really adds to the whole paranoia aspect of the song in my opinion. This whole CD is amazing, it's cool to see how much one band can change.
  • Bryant from Salina, KsThis is probably my favorite Blink-182 song... Mark Hoppus' voice and bass playing get me everytime I hear it.
  • Alex from Loveland, CoI love this song!!!!!!!!!
  • Jonathan from Houston , Txthis is one of my favorite songs ,when i first heard this song , it match exactly on how i feel about life, i hear this song everytime i see a sun set, and it reminds me for those who i love so much (adrianna , Lile)
  • Josh from Aberdeen, SdThis song is about paranoia, which is pretty funny since paranoia broke the band up. AVA is gonna kick ass though so it doesn't matter.
  • Gary from Elkton, Mdthis is the best song on this cd
    It makes me sad but i love it
    I love the lyrics there deep and they inspired me to write a song especially the line "im so gone im barely here I wish i could explain myself but words escape me
  • Nick from Hillsborough, NjIm pretty sure this song is about a kid who dissapoints his parents constantly and feels like he is their captive, but he still loves the because they are his parents.
  • Erik from Willow Hill, Pathis is a great song. mark and tom alternating lyrics adds a really cool effect. i think it's awesome that blink-182 can be funny in one song and completly serious in the next.
  • Nick from Roch, Nyblink 182 rocks and so does this song
  • Taylor from Olympia, WaI love how Mark and Tom alternate lyrics in the beginning and end of this song...I always think that this song is about a guy who goes to war and his girlfriend ruthlessly keeps telling him to come back to be with her, while hes over there suffering in pain...Blink 182 rocks!
  • Becca from Hamilton, CanadaKarl,Muse has a song called Stockholm Syndrome but they are two different songs.
  • Karl from Melbourne, United StatesI'm 99% sure this song was originally written and performed by Muse off their Absolution album.
  • Merr from Nova Scotia, Canadai love this song,. its so unique, mark hoppus is a true inspiration
  • Stacy from Scranton, United StatesI love this song because Mark wrote it from letters that his grandfather wrote to his grandmother suring World War 2.I love this song!It's really cool.
  • Vanessa from Montreal, Canadai love this song, it really expresses the confusion and anger the name expresses
  • Clairey from Belfast, IrelandI think this is called Stockholm Syndrome because they feel trapped in the relationship (or held hostage) and although they want to break free, they have feelings for the person, so they can't. if ya know what I'm trying to say...
  • Collin from Colorado Springs, CtI personally love this song because it reminds me of the last time i was with this girl i knew, and it makes me sad...but oh well the song has a completely different
  • Abby from Huntsville, TxStockholm Syndrome- n. A phenomenon in which a hostage begins to identify with and grow sympathetic to his or her captor.
  • Arkady from London, EnglandI don't get why it's called Stockholme Syndrome. Stockholme Syndrome is where someone kidnaps and rapes you and then you fall in love with them.
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