What's My Age Again?

Album: Enema Of The State (1999)
Charted: 17 58
  • This was inspired by blink bass player Mark Hoppus, who was often told (usually by women) that he was immature. By the end of the song, the meaning becomes clear: It's OK, you shouldn't care what people think of you. >>
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    tanner - Bakersfield, CA
  • The original title was "Peter Pan Complex," but their record company (MCA) changed it during production because they thought the audience wouldn't understand (a "Peter Pan Complex" describes someone who doesn't want to grow up). The band was not happy with this decision. >>
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    Chuck - South Berwick, ME
  • In the video, the band members are naked and causing all kinds of mischief. Adult film star Janine Lindemulder also appears in the video, which got a lot of attention. Responding to a question about nudity in the clip, Mark Hoppus said, "The scene with the butt shots, when we were running down the street, were actually the only real nude scenes. We wore skin-colored Speedos for most of the scenes and when we were running, I realized how unattractive male genitals are. Everything dangling and such. I didn't think I could be embarrassed easily, but I really was."

    While the nudity was concealed in comedic ways throughout the video, at the end of the video it is uncensored.
  • Mark Hoppus' band +44 sometimes covered this song when they toured. >>
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    Gabe - Borger, TX
  • Janine Lindemulder also appears on the Enema of the State album cover in a nurse uniform. Since hooking up with Blink-182 for the video and album artwork, the porn actress has led an colorful life. In the early 2000s, Lindemulder was married to West Coast Choppers founder Jesse James before he wed Sandra Bullock. However, their marriage ended after Lindemulder was arrested for assaulting James. She was arrested again on tax evasion charges in 2008 and sentenced to spend six months in a federal prison. In 2011, Lindemulder found herself in trouble with the law again after sending threatening emails and voicemails to her former husband.
  • Blink-182 acolytes Simple Plan were heavily influenced by this song, as were many pop-punk bands of the '00s. Their lead singer, Pierre Bouvier, says "What's My Age Again" and "Basket Case" are the defining songs of the genre. "Those two songs paved the way for bands like Simple Plan and Good Charlotte and New Found Glory, and all the ones that came afterward, like Yellowcard," he told Songfacts. "I think we owe a huge debt of gratitude to those two songs - those are the ones that really solidified the pop-punk genre and created a whole scene for us."

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  • Nick from Ludlow, MaIt kind of sounds like "Where's My Asain Friend". Probably my favorite Blink song.
  • Tyler from Oswego, IlI love this song, because it sais, you can be act as young as you want and be as old as you are, and it brings out the child in some people :).
  • Alyssa. from Whoknowsss?, AlLove it. :]
  • Cam from Rochester, NhI really like this song because it basically says that, It's alright to act immature as much as people say its not right. You have so little time in your life, why not have fun.
  • Briana from Greensboro , NcThe music video....um wow.
  • Reginald Palmer from Kearns, OkThe chord progression in basket case goes like so...
    Eb. Bb, C, Bb
    Whats my age again is this...
    Gb, Db, Eb, Cb
  • David from Hayward, CaOne Of The Best Blink 182 songs Ever! Hella Sick!
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