For The Love

Album: Any Man In America (2011)
  • This a track from Texan alternative rock band Blue October's sixth studio album, Any Man In America. The record chronicles the deeply personal events that transpired in singer Justin Furstenfeld's life during and after the band's 2009 album Approaching Normal. Furstenfeld told Artist Direct that Any Man in America marked the first instance of his writing as something was happening to him. "I was writing along the way," he said. "At the very end, I thought the idea could be about getting over being a selfish pr--k and abusing drugs. When I did this album, I was with Steve Lillywhite recording Approaching Normal. I'd be home at night. I told my wife and child to come down and stay with me at lake house where we were recording in Austin, because it was the only time we could be together for a little while. It'd be like a normal day. She never came though. I started wondering what was going on then and I wrote 'For the Love.' It was a weekend that she could've been there. I was like, 'Why wouldn't she be here? Why wouldn't she want to stay in a lake house and listen to the record as it's being recorded?' The more it went on, the more I got confused. I thought, 'Why are we even married if you don't want to be around me?' It was life-altering. Now she's done that, and I'd write about it."
  • Noisecreep asked Furstenfeld if he thinks his raw and emotive lyrics in Blue October sometimes gives away too much about his personal life? He replied: "Of course my lyrics attract people that are going through the stuff that I am. That's why I do it. I do it for those people. I don't write music for people that are brave. Blue October isn't meant for dudes that wake up and say, 'I'm the sh--!' I write for people in pain."


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