The Cheater

Album: Look Out for the Cheater (1966)
Charted: 12
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  • Dennis of Anchorage, Alaska, tells us: "Bob Kuban was one of my high school music teachers at Bishop DuBourg Catholic High School in St Louis, MO in the early to mid 1960s. He played the drums on "The Cheater" and the band was his. The Inman were sort of ahead of their time (pre "Chicago") in that they utilized brass in the band which Bob was a big fan of doing and so was I. One of my buddy's from high school, Skip Weisman, played the trombone on the song. Bob and his band were also in an episode of Route 66 one year when they came through St Louis. I know Bob played trumpet and taught our small trumpet practice classes all the time. I graduated in 1964 and I was in the Air Force in 1966, but remember coming home on leave and it was all you heard on the local radio stations. I remember hearing it on a jukebox in the Philippines when I was stationed at Clark Air Force Base in '66-'67. As far as I know Bob still lives in St Louis.

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  • Hadsomerhinestonecowboybrady6834 from Windsor,ont.can.Thirty-eight years ago today, Dec.27, 1983, 40-year-old Walter S. Notheis Jr's.' (Walter Scott's ) disappeared and his body lay in a cister undiscovered until 1987. It had been placed there by his murderer, Scott's wife's boyfriend, later her second husband. Mrs. Williams, the former Mrs. Notheis/Scott, who died in May 2019, was convicted of impeding the investigation into her first husband's demise and give five years in prison, while Williams, her second husband and Scott's slayer , was sentenced to life without parole for Scott's killing and that of his first wife, previously though to have died a natural death. If this reads complicated, think of how involved this is to type.
    "The Cheater, " about a Lothario who finally gets dumped by "a girl who knows all about him, " was one of my favourite boyhood tunes (it hit in the summer of '65, as I turned 12) and an underrated classic ; unfortunately, Scott was among the myriad one-hit wonders of rock.(Of course, that's one more hit than I had, so...) Scott's demise was a case of death imitating art. Glad to know that 81-year-old Bob Kuban is still with us and performing with his In-Men.Greatest of holiday seasons, everyone !!!!!
  • Prw from Columbus OhBeen there, done that, bought the t-shirt and it happened both ways.
  • Dusk Blackman from Albany, Georgia (u.s.a.)Sad, but he was a one hit wonder. he mostly played one night stands. then he got killed by another man.
  • Barry from Sauquoit, NyOn April 30th 1966, Bob Kuban & the In-Men performed "The Cheater" on the ABC-TV program 'American Bandstand'...
    Three months earlier on January 23rd, 1966 it entered Billboard's Hot Top 100 chart at position #86; and on March 6th, 1966 it peaked at #12 (for 2 weeks) and spent 11 weeks on the Top 100...
    The eight member group had two other records make the Top 100; "The Teaser" (peaked at #70 and spent 3 weeks on the chart) and a covered version of the Beatles' "Drive My Car" (reached #93 and also stayed on the Top 100 for 3 weeks)...
    R.I.P. Walter Scott (lead singer on "The Cheater", 1943 - 1983).
  • Joe from St. Louis, MoAs Mentioned early, yes there was an album in the 80's with a black cover. I was the recording engineer on that project, but it WASN'T Bob, but Walter Scott. We had a very short window of time to track and mix those songs, as he was due back on the road in short order. We knocked out that whole album in 5 days and nights in the studio. It strangely ended up that his wife and I sat at his kitchen table and designed the album jacket (showing her name and my initials), as he was back on the road performing. We had planned a return to the studio and a live 'reunion' recording with Bob, but as you know, that story had a very bad ending. Back then, our studio (Gateway) used a 1/2 inch 8 channel Otari recorder. For personal concerns, Walter didn't want me to turn over the master-tapes to his wife, as they stayed with me. I too, miss him and that great voice.
  • John from Jennings , MoDave, you're right it was early 80's that my friend Walter Scott was killed by his wife and her boyfriend. My wife was a student of Bob's at Duberg High and continues to be our very close friend.
  • Kathy from Warrenton, MoEvery Tuesday and Saturday night I went with my friends to see Bob Kuban and Walter " Wally" Scott at Club Imperial. God how I loved Walter Scott!!! And the song The Cheater. It is so sad that his wife didn't just divorce him he was a very talented guy and oh so sexy and Handsome
  • James from Diamond Bar, CaThis song's irony strikes again. N.F.L. great Steve Mc Nair was gunned down by one of his many girlfriends and of course I thought of "The Cheater" Ironic,ironic.The song is so timeless and well-written.And always applies.R.I.P. Steve. I am still sad.
  • Gareth from Manchester, United KingdomApparently Bob did a 12" vinyl album with this set list-- Hollywood Nights & Old time Rock & Roll (The Bob Seger tune)Until the Night, Desiree, The Gambler (Kenny Rogers) Lady, Lonesome Lost, The Cheater and When will I be loved" (Everley Bros.) Ironic that last title isn't it? Who said "What goes around"----!! Volume 1 is printed on bottom of an all-black cover. I presume its a home made effort date not known but band members were-- Walter Scott, Ed Eckert,Bill Maloberti, Rob McDonnell & Graham Cantner. Can anyone add to this and tell me if a Vol 2 was done or if Bob/Walter put out any live recordings? Can't imagine Walter doing stuff like that. Mind you his vocals on "Just You Wait" are so powerful that those words might just come back from the grave re-enacted to haunt his murderers!! Such is life.
  • James from Diamond Bar, CaOne Of rock's ironys.The Cheater kicks,one of the greatest records ever made.Bob's drumming,Walter's excellent singing.Along with Deadman's Curve,Time In A Bottle, and A Change Is Gonna Come.The Cheater will live forever in the irony Hall Of Fame.The Cheater's message of romantic love's doom is forever exemplified.R.I.P. Walter-great singing
  • Rick from Kansas City, MoDoes anyone know if recordings of Bob Cubin and The In-Men are available anywhere? I use to have an old 8-track, yep an 8-track, a long time ago of their recordings. Email me at
  • Jeff from Austin, Txi cant believe Walter Scott's wife did that. This song wasnt THAT bad!
  • Curt from St James, Mo, MoI met Walter Scott in Albany, NY in October 1982. Since we were both from St Charles County, MO and very near each other, we discussed meeting at Christmas and taking our wives out to dinner. We exchanged phone numbers and when home for Christmas I gave Walter a call. I was informed that he was not home at the time. He was probably already dead!
  • AnonymousI have a relative that played with Kuban for several years (around 1990??), and while I never heard of this type of thing happening, I nevertheless have an unflattering view of his character and personality based on the stories that I DID hear. Doesn't really surprise me.
  • Dennis from Anchorage, AkI made the first post on this. I do apologize, but Bob's last name begins with a "K", not a "C".

    Dave, you are correct, Walter Scott's wife and her boyfriend were the reason for Walter Scott's demise.
    Phil, I would like to know what year that he played all your songs?? Was this recent or when his band was scraping their way thru the St Louis teen town band wars?? Just curious. Not a very nice thing to do no matter when it happened really. Doesn't sound like Bob, for he struck me as a really nice guy when he taught me at DuBourg High but when you're facing stiff competition, who knows. You guys must have had a good band. What was your band's name??
  • Jon from Oakridge, OrI saw a show featuring the Walter Scott case on Court TV.
  • Phil from High Ridge, MoI play in a local band here in St. Louis. We were hired by Kuban to play a big "Coming out Ball", we were to play during his bands breaks. Before the night started he asked us for our sets of music. We figured he was going to look at them so we wouldn't be repeating the same stuff. Turns out, just the oppositt. He had his band play every song we did. So when we got up there we had to repeat the same songs...WOW what a class act that guy is.....NOT!!!
  • Dave from Davenport, IaBob had a great bar called Cuban's on Lindbergh/140 in Florissant Mo. a suburb of St Louis. A real hot spot in the 69 to 71 area. If I remember correctly His band provided the music on Wed, Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights.
  • Dave from Davenport, IaThe lead singer on this cut was Walter Scott. I believe it was sometime in the early 80's he was reported as missing, his car was found at the Lambert St Louis Airport. It was later discovered that he was killed by his wife and her boyfriend.
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