Her Strut

Album: Against The Wind (1980)


  • For this song, Seger was inspired by Jane Fonda and her famous strut, as seen in the movie Barbarella. >>
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  • Jive from South LouisianaLove playing your music live with our band, listening to it as well.
  • Ricky from 27360Love your music Bob.
  • Markus from Ridgefield, CtThis song is not about Jane Fonda walking up to the podium to talk about the Vietnam War in Washington DC.

    The song was released in 1981 and it was indeed written about Jane Fonda, but Seger was inspired by her appearance before the Campaign for Economic Democracies, most likely in 1980. The Campaign for Economic Democracies was formed by Fonda's ex-husband, Tom Hayden, after his unsuccessful bid for the US Senate in 1976 . The US pulled out of the Vietnam War after a cease fire was declared in January of 1973. Speaking about her appearance before the Campaign for Economic Democracies that took place most likely in 1980, Seger said, "I was quite proud of her for doing that. I admired her crust. For going in there and having the strength to speak her mind, so I kind of wrote 'Her Strut' for an '80s woman … you know, it was the dawn of the '80s, and I wanted to write a song about how women have become so confident and stepped out so much, and I thought Jane was a great role model."

    A great deal of the proceeds from Fonda's workout books in the early 80s went to fund the Campaign for Economic Democracies and Tom Hayden's successful bid in 1982 to the California State Assembly.
  • Jason from Tampa, FlIn 1989-1990 NWA/WCW, the manager Woman (Nancy Daus-Sullivan Benoit- RIP) used this as her entrance music.
  • Rich from Tampa, FlI seriously doubt the song has anything to do with Jane Fonda or the Vietnam War. That war was long over in 1980 when Seger released the song. I think its just a song about a dancer--a frequent Seger subject.
  • Elizabeth from Syracuse, NyOne of Bob Seger's best songs.
  • Bob from Suffern, NyHer Strut is a recycled version of Fire Down Below and Jane Fonda is a recycled Tokyo Rose. Great website,BTW
  • Kurt from Raleigh, NcThis song is actually about Jane Fonda's strut while walking up to the podium to talk about the Vietnam War at a function in Washington D.C. Seger saw her on TV. Sure wish they would get their facts straight on this Website.
  • Cheryl from Richmond, VaI love Bob Seger, but I turn the station when this song comes on, because it was inspired by Jane Fonda and I don't approve of her actions during the Vietnam War. How Disrespectful of our troops.
  • Steve from Fenton, MoI'm all for honoring young Jane Fonda's strut, but this song is annoying.
  • George from Richmond, Vaany Bob Seger song is a great song......
  • Joshua from Twin Cities, MnThe chorus features a clever play on words: "They do respect her, but they love to watch her strut." In the fine tradition of mondegreens, this line is often quoted as "They do respect her butt/They love to watch her strut."
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