So Sick

Album: Two Eleven (2012)


  • Brandy sings here of a dysfunctional relationship where her lover has pushed her too far and violated her trust. "When he makes you go and compromise everything you said the night before," she coos. "When you love him more than you love yourself."
  • The song was penned by Sean Garrett, whose resumé includes Chris Brown's "Run It!" and Usher's "Yeah." He also penned the Two Eleven single "Put It Down." Brandy told Fader magazine: "When I got in the studio with Sean Garrett, who I had never worked with before, I felt like I had worked with him all my life."
  • The bumping beat was provided by Shondrae "Bangladesh" Crawford, one of three Two Eleven tracks he helmed. Brandy told Fader magazine regarding working with the producer: "I hadn't worked with Bangladesh before, but I'd heard his beats and before I even signed my deal [with RCA] I really wanted to meet him. Not one of his beats sounded the same as the last. I went to his studio and I sat right on the floor and just watched him. I was so mesmerized by his gift. He had another session with somebody else so I had to leave, but I didn't want to leave."


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