Fire & Brimstone

Album: Fire & Brimstone (2019)
  • Here, Brantley Gilbert tells a story of a hell raiser slipping into the back of a church. He talks about two types of judgment: the critical looks he gets from the other churchgoers and the judgment that awaits him when he meets his maker. Gilbert explained to The Boot the song is about "being comfortable in your skin and not judging folks."
  • The song features Jamey Johnson and Alison Krauss as guest vocalists. "Jamey is like the reverend. And Alison is kind of like the choir girl or front-row Christian... and I'm like the guy who's in the back row that smokes a cigarette," Gilbert told Taste of Country.
  • Gilbert wrote the song on his own, making sure it's comfortable for his own voice so he wasn't intimidated by singing with two of his favorite vocalists of all time. "Jamey is just the man," he said. "Alison - I feel like if God put an angel's voice on earth it's probably hers."
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