Album: Because of Your Love (2009)


  • Modern worship singer/songwriter Brenton Brown has written songs that are sung in churches all over the world, and have been recorded by well-known artists like Rebecca St. James, Chris Tomlin, Lincoln Brewster, and Flyleaf's Lacey Mosley. This is a single from his second solo album, Because of Your Love.
  • The song is Brenton's expression of hope in the ways of the Lord, having gone through the painful loss of a stillborn baby girl, Gracie. Brenton wrote the song in the days around Grace's birth. "Our hearts were broken right at the start of what should have been a promising life," he explained. "It was hard to imagine that there could ever be a happy ending."

    "I remember thinking 'This is too much' and wondering if we'd ever recover as a family. Oftentimes I thought this was too heavy for God—that we were not going to heal from this, but He managed to carry the weight. He can bear the weight of every heavy heart. He can turn our tears into songs of praise. And that's a reason to worship with full abandon."

    Brenton and his wife have since had the joyful experience of the healthy birth of their daughter, Bella.


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