Album: I Think We're Gonna Need A Bigger Boat (2008)
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  • Brighton Port Authority is an alias of English DJ/musician Norman Cook, who is best known as big beat musician/DJ Fatboy Slim.
  • This song features David Byrne and Dizzee Rascal. Cook explained to Rolling Stone how he came to collaborate with David Byrne on this track: "Well I've worked with David for about two years writing a musical... about the life of Imelda Marcos. We wrote 22 songs together and one day I said, 'Can we do a song that isn't about Imelda F---ing Marcos?' The rest of them were narratives about her life. DB had really researched everything about Imelda and been to the Philippines... The story is not about the shoes. We had a rule that we didn't mention the shoes."
    Cook went on to explain why Dizzee Rascal was later added to this track: "We finished it and Dizzee heard it. I bumped into him at a photo session and he went, 'I wanna be on that record. It's gonna be a hit and I wanna be on it. Find me 16 bars and put me on it.' So we kind of glued him onto it. He's from a rough part of South London, and if I hadn't he probably would have had his mates come 'round and kneecap me."
  • The promo featuring nude dancers with censor bars on them, was named video of the year by iTunes UK in 2008.
  • The album title refers to some dialogue from the 1975 movie Jaws.
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