Album: Sempiternal (2013)


  • Vocalist Oli Sykes told Metal Hammer magazine this song started off with some lighthearted lyrics. He explained: "I came downstairs one morning and said to Jordan (Fish, keyboards). 'I've just come up with the most nu metal mosher lyrics of all time!' Ha ha ha! He was like, 'What are you talking about?', so I went, 'Middle fingers up, if you don't give a f--k!', and we both laughed. It was almost a joke, like we were never gonna do it, but as we wrote it I started to find the lyrics to not make it cheesy."
  • Sykes explained the song's meaning to Metal Hammer: "It's about 'Slacktivists,' online people that just talk s--t on Twitter, and 'Like this if you want to get Obama to die' or whatever. It's loads of s--t; people think they're making a difference nowadays just because they're sat on their fat arses with ill-informed 'facts.' They think they know everything and that they're making a difference, and it's bulls--t.
    "So the lyrics to this one are quite sarcastic," he added, "but if you want to make a difference, you have to do more than just sit at your computer. It's not saying 'Don't care about the world', it's saying, 'Don't think you care about the world and that you're better than people if you're doing f--k all'. If you really believe in all that, you've got to get up and do more."


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