True Friends

Album: That's the Spirit (2015)


  • Oli Sykes penned the song about a previous relationship in which he was betrayed by his lover. He no longer wants anything to do with her and believes he'll get his revenge since Karma cannot be escaped.

    Sykes explained to Kerrang!:"'True Friends' is about certain people who really cut me up. To be honest, it applies to a lot of people I've known throughout my life. I don't hold hate or anger towards anyone, because it's just too draining."

    "This is about me making peace with those situations – it's about letting those people know that I can forgive, but I'll never forget. From here on out I'll always keep them at arms length."
  • The final line in the chorus, "True friends stab you in the front," is an Oscar Wilde quote.
  • The stark, cinematic video was directed by Bring Me the Horizon's own Oli Sykes and centers on a detective played by British actor Steve Oram (Sightseers, Bad Education, The World's End). The storyline has Oram haunted by past misdeeds and involves slaughtered horses and a murder plot.
  • I wouldn't hold my breath if I was you
    Cause I'll forget but I'll never forgive you

    Did you spot the iffy grammar? Keyboardist Jordan Fish explained to Kerrang: "It should be 'I wouldn't hold my breath if I were you.' But we chose 'was you' instead because the correct way just didn't fit. It just didn't feel right because you never say it like that. All the time people tweet me going, "Actually it's supposed to be 'if I were you.'" I never reply… because I'm aware of the English language, you know (laughs.)"


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