Blood Brothers

Album: Greatest Hits (1995)


  • Springsteen wrote this about reuniting the E Street Band. After seven years, he got them back together to record songs for their Greatest Hits album. Springsteen wrote it the night before the first recording session with the reunited E Street Band.
  • This was one of five previously unreleased songs on Springsteen's Greatest Hits album.

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  • Joe from St. Marys, Pa"On through the houses of the dead past those fallen in their tracks" A song about friendship,brotherhood and life experience that has lasted and persevered when so many others have been forgotten.
  • Libby from Chicago, IlWhile this song may have been the Kerry campaign theme, I'm a Tea Party via republican (1984) raised democrat... and the Boss rocks for me! I am sure there are hundreds more like me on the conservative--Tea drinking side of the political spectrum. For all of the blood brothers that were not able to redeem their souls with a Senate seat..."everything black and white turns to so many shades of grey..."
  • Dan from Carlisle, United KingdomThe second verse of this song is unreal. It builds and builds basically something that everyone can relate to. We make promises - we're all ambitous and then WHAM "work to do and bills to pay". Brilliant.
  • Mark from Mastic, Nythis sog was in a documentery for dale earnhardt sr called "Dale the movie"
  • James from Miami, FlIn Tampa on April 22, the first concert back after Danny Federici died, the concert opened with the band coming on stage and watching a video tribute while this song played. A spotlight shone on his keyboard riser the whole time. It was appropriate and touching. There were a couple of moist eyes there...
  • Ted from Glenview, IlMike, I had a similar idea for my brother's wedding, whenever he gets married...I but the lyrics mean alot to you
  • Eduardo from Belo Horizonte, BrazilIn the Reunion Tour with the E Street Band, on the Last New York show, springsteen changed the last lines of the song and had many people in the crowd crying. Too bad the performance wasnt included in its entirety on the DVD. The new lyrics were:

    "Now we're out here on this road
    On this road tonight
    Close my eyes and feel so many friends around me
    In the early evening light
    And the miles we have come
    And the battles won and lost
    Are just so many roads traveled, so many rivers crossed
    And I ask God for the strenght, and faith in one another
    'Cause its a good night for a ride, cross' this river to the otherside
    My Blood Brothers"

    Man, thats beautiful
  • Cookie from Greasy Lake, Njanyone notice this song sounds exactly like devils and dust
  • Mike from Brooklyn, NyI recieved a framed copy of these lyrics from my best man on my wedding day. Bruce has a way of making sense of everythining in life with a few simple lines. Friends come and go but brothers are for life. Great great song very emotionaal
  • Tom from Hartford, CtAgreed about lyrics and growing up - Bruce has a way of distilling hugh chunks of life to their poetic essence
    The world came charging up the hill/
    And we were women and men
  • Tyler from Hamilton, CanadaSpringsteen refers to his bandmates " Blood Brothers" in No Surrender as well.
  • Jarmo from Kouvola, FinlandBest lyrics I've ever heard. The song is about how growing up makes the things more and more complicated. Everything "black and white turns just so many shades of grey". The singer tells about the promises he made when he was young, but they don't matter anymore, because everything in the world seems to be more important.
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