Human Touch

Album: Human Touch (1992)
Charted: 11 16
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  • This was the title track to one of two Springsteen albums released simultaneously five years after his last album. Released with Lucky Town, they both sold poorly.
  • One of the first songs Springsteen recorded using musicians who were not in the E Street Band, he says it is about "Searchin' for the bottom line."
  • This was the only song from Human Touch included on Springsteen's 1995 Greatest Hits album.
  • The cinematographer on the video was Daniel Pearl, who a decade earlier worked on the first attempt at Springsteen's "Dancing In The Dark" video. That one didn't go well, with Springsteen walking out after a dispute with Pearl over the lighting. In the ensuing years, Springsteen came to realize that Pearl was correct in how he wanted to light him, so he signed him up to work on "Human Touch."

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  • Jeffrey from P M, Manitoba My favourite Springsteen song, inspires with tears.
  • Simon Mcpartland from AustraliaI love it best song all time listen many like great feelings .. 10/10 keep on going The boss BS
  • Sarah Remmel from Twinsburg, OhioThis is one of Bruce's, all-time greatest songs ever, & one of my all-time, favorite songs, he ever did. Bruce is awesome. Love you, Bruce. Bruce is the best. Nobody kicks ass, like Bruce Springsteen.
  • Timothy from Long Beach, Nybut hell a little touch up and a little paint
  • Nancy from Washington, DcOne of the best things of this song-- the lyrics.
  • Nancy from Winnipeg, MbBelieve it or not, this song was used in a scene from ABC's daytime soap, "All My Children," years ago. It was a seduction scene (surprise!) with former characters Dixie Martin and Brian Bodine. The song was used the one time and made me wonder why someone as big as Springsteen would lend(?) a song to a soap. Well, it made me remember it anyway...
  • Gene from San Diego, CaI freakin' love this album. It is extremely underrated, though, as the previous person said. Also loved Lucky Town.
  • Tommy from Balen, BelgiumGreat song from a not so great album.
  • Deb from Cleveland, OhThe lyrics "you might need someone to hold on to when the answers they dont amount to much" is just one of Springsteen's many, many amazing one-liners. I can say with confidence that I know most of them. A fan since 1975.
  • Ace from Ceasd, MtGreat song , springsteen has an ability to write great songs that are the perfect amount of rock and good thoughts put into a song. The lyrics "you might need someone to hold on to when the asnwers they dont amount to much" are amazing. one fo the best
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