Stolen Car

Album: The River (1980)


  • This tells the story of a man with a crumbling marriage who steals a car and drives it every night just waiting to get caught.
  • On The River, this is one of the ballads where Springsteen tells a story within the song.
  • The character in this was the basis for much of what Springsteen wrote for Tunnel Of Love. That character became the basis for future Springsteen songs about relationships.
  • A different version is available on bootlegs of The Ties That Bind, an album Springsteen recorded in 1979 but did not release. This and 6 other songs from it were used on The River.

    The alternate version was released in 1999 on Springsteen's boxed-set Tracks. This version is commonly referred to as the "Son, you may kiss the bride" version. >>
    Suggestion credit:
    Willy - Vallejo, DC
  • Patty Griffin covered this on her 2002 album 1,000 Kisses.

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  • Leif from Copenhagen, DenmarkThanks Jay. It is one of my favourite songs, but I have always wondererd about the lyrics. But your interpretation sounds extremely plausibel, and at least for me, sounds just right
  • Ross from Offaly, Irelandstolen car on the tracks album is 1 of the best springsteen songs, he should have put that version on tunnel of love
  • Jay from Galloway, NjThe "stolen car" is allegorical. This is a story about a person who feels he is living a lie or "driving a stolen car." The car driving represents traveling through life. The fact that it's stolen suggests this person's life is "someone else's" or untrue (his marriage/relationship/life).Many of Springsteen's songs are allegorical. They appear to be very simple on the surface but are often quite complex. The man's a poet.
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