Medicine Man

Album: Medicine Man (1969)
Charted: 22
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  • The Buchanan Brothers were Terry Cashman, Gene Pistilli and Tommy West. Cashman and West went on to produce Jim Croce and had a hit as Cashman & West with "American City Suite." Cashman told us: "We had started our own company. There was a label called Event Records, and we made a deal with them to some singles. They were mainly a black record, R&B label. But they wanted to get into some pop stuff. So we came up with the idea for a group called the Buchanan Brothers, which was actually the three of us. That song was from a bass figure that Tommy and Gene were figuring out with like an eighth-note bass thing. I think Gene came up with the title. Tommy was more of an arranger than a songwriter - Gene and I would come up with the melodies and lyrics - I was more of the melody, Gene more of the lyricist. But that song… the three of us were just sitting around and someone came up with the chorus of 'Medicine Man': 'I'm the man, understand, I'm the only one who can.' It was written pretty quickly, which happens with a lot of songs, something flashes and you get a riff, or a line or a title, and then everything kind of falls into place after that. It didn't have any particular category, but it was a catchy song." (Check out our interview with Terry Cashman.)

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  • J B from Richmond KentuckyWoke up at 3:00 am with this song playing in my head but I could only hear a couple verses. Have not heard this song in 50 years. I am 67 years old. Still like it.
  • Wayne from Gillette, NjThis is one that I had forgotten about for decades! Discovering it is like discovering the part of me that was the best part of growing up in the 60s - hearing the next 45 revealed on the airwaves. And so many of those songs stir that emotional connection from back then, sometimes joyous, sometimes painful, but all of them I value having reached 2021 and still in relatively good health. This song in particular brings tons of joy! I want to spend more time looking through this website. Thank you a thousand times over!!!
  • Donna from Bountiful, UtI Found It......Right Here????? THANKS
  • Donna from Bountiful, UtI have yet to hear the original song Medicine Man by the Buchanan Brothers from 1969. What I have heard in the last couple of days, looking everywhere I can think of and
    what I actually heard in 1969 are TOTALLY DIFFERENT. WHY??? Please Help.....
  • Tom from Dozier, AlOne of the best songs from 1969.
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