Drinking Side of Country

Album: Good Guys (2012)
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  • Covington penned this song with his twin brother, Rocky, and songwriter Donald Medlock, and originally recorded it on his own back in 2010. He later realized it would be better as a duet, so the North Carolina native recruited one of his musical icons - Shooter Jennings - to add a second voice. It was released as the lead single from his sophomore album, Good Guys, on August 13, 2012.
  • Look out for celebrity cameos on the song's music video by Covington's fellow North Carolina native Kellie Pickler, wrestler Mickie James and motocross freestyler Cowboy Kenny Bartram. Covington explained Pickler's cameo to Billboard magazine. "We had the idea of doing a Dukes Of Hazzard style thing," he said. "You can't do that without Daisy, and not just any pretty girl can play Daisy - you have to have the girl. To me, the pretty girl in country music is none other than Kellie Pickler."
  • Covington told Billboard magazine why he hooked up with Jennings. "Shooter is a guy I met about six years ago out in Los Angeles," he explained. "It was his birthday, and we just hung out. I was a fan of his, and we hit it off really good. He says exactly what is on his mind, and he's one of the kindest hearted people you would ever meet. I had this song, and I wrote it and produced it, but it had this line in the song that said 'We Roll.' I'm not 'we,' I'm me. So, I thought if I am ever going to do a duet, this is it. It's so hard to find the right song, especially for two men to sing. This one came together. I gave it Shooter, and he came into the studio, and we had a great time."
  • This was Covington's first ever production credit. He told The Boot why he ended up manning the boards. "I called up Shooter one day and said, 'I'm open on this day, and you're open on this day, and the studio is open on this day ... The only problem is the producer isn't available.'" the American Idol alumini recalled. "And in true Shooter fashion, he said, 'Do you really need someone to tell you what to do?' And I said, 'Good call, man! So come on in on that date and I'm gonna produce this thing.' He says, 'You got it, I'll see you then.'"
  • The album title was inspired by a non-profit organization, Help the Good Guys, which supports professional firefighters. Covington said it is a cause that he proudly stands behind. "Firefighters risk their lives to protect the public, running into burning buildings, always putting the public's needs before their own. They make what I do look easy," he noted. "If I can sing a few songs and raise money for a family in need, I consider it a small thing compared to what they do each day." A portion of the proceeds from the album's first week of sales was donated to Help the Good Guys and the International Association of Fire Fighters.
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