Don't Need You


  • The first single released from Bullet For My Valentine's sixth album is a dark song in which Matt Tuck tells someone he no longer needs them in his life.

    So now this ship is sinking
    I don't know what to do
    It's got me thinking that I don't need
    Don't need you

    Tuck said about the track: "It's heavy, it's dark, it's super-epic, it's signature Bullet and I think when people hear it, they'll lose their s--t. We love it, and I think it's a hint of where the band is going next."
  • The song's music video was filmed in a "run-down" church by director Ville Juurikkala, who's worked with Nightwish, HIM and Apocalyptica among others in the past. Regarding the concept for the clip, Matt Tuck told Kerrang! magazine:

    "It's not really a 'doomed' wedding as such… It's really just a take on a concept I had. There's this beautiful ceremony, and it appears to be all about love and trust, but there's this undercurrent of mistrust and bulls--t to go with it. The church we filmed it in is perfect. It's not your typical wedding venue - it's really run-down and dilty. We thought that contrast would be really cool to have with the idea of the video. We wanted it to look really grand and ornate, but underneath it all, it's a bit dirty."
  • Speaking to Kerrang about the track in a 2018 interview, Matt Tuck said: "That was a song that was in the moment, really. It was a part of my life personally where things weren't going great for me, so that song is really venting a moment of my life - that's why it's so intense and aggressive. The statement of that chorus is kinda obvious about what's going on (laughs). I'm letting my guard down and wearing my heart on my sleeve, even though it's difficult."
  • The song finds Matt Tuck expressing his frustration at relationships with individuals who turn out to be fake. He explained to Louder Sound the lyrics are "about people taking the piss, and trying to explain to people that you don't need them to function – they need you. And it's a bit of a selfish middle finger to people that take advantage of people."


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