Scream Aim Fire

Album: Scream Aim Fire (2008)
Charted: 34
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  • Frontman Matt Tuck explained in Metal Hammer magazine: "The lyrics are basically about how it might feel to be at the front on a battlefield. How f--ked up the situation is to have your life in somebody else's hands and you have to kill or be killed. Something I've never written about before. Me and Padge (Michael Paget guitar) wrote it together when we where in the studio." Tuck added on the record label's website: "'Scream Aim Fire' set the benchmark for the rest of the album. It was the moment we realized the direction of where we wanted the record to go."
  • The video was shot in Los Angeles on November 17th 2007. It was directed by Iranian music director Tony Petrossian (Slayer, AX7, Slipknot).
  • Most of the recording for the album had been completed a year before its release. Drummer Michael "Moose" Thomas explained to Kerrang! Magazine January 26, 2008 why it had been delayed: "I actually recorded the drums this time last year (January 2007). In fact pretty much all of the music was done a year ago. Obviously after that Matt (vocalist Matt Tuck) had all that s--t happen with his voice, so that held up things." (Tuck had tonsillectomy surgery in the summer of 2007).

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  • Jon from Kansas, Angolathis song is amazing. great musical ideas
  • Dc from ???, Dci listen to this song before my sports stuff
  • Avery from Bucksport, MeWHooo! matt tuck is hott but his voice is making me melt i love this song and it is sick i think its their better song so far in my oppinion... and im sort of ashamed but thankful, if it werent 4 my dad i wouldnt even know this band or this song!!!
  • Amy from Kingsto, OnAnother awesome song from an awesome band. I discovered this song while surfing on the website for Zomba and had to hear more by them. Definately a great introduction to a new fan.
  • James from Houston, TxThis is an awesome song. Who the hell called you emo for liking this song? This song ain't even emo! You need to slap the person who told you that
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