Waking The Demon

Album: Scream Aim Fire (2008)
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  • Frontman Matt Tuck explained the lyrical inspiration for "Walking The Demon" on their record label's website: "It's important to us that fans can make a connection with our songs. For example, 'Waking The Demon' is about being bullied at school - which is something that me and most of the boys went though. The track is about one day, just turning round, and deciding to not take it anymore. I'd hope that our fans can relate to that."
  • The video shows a different interpretation, but still has the same concept. The main character, who is seen as being bullied most of the time by other schoolkids, crosses out each day on his calendar until he reaches a day a full moon will occur. Then he lures one of the bullies in and turns into the werewolf, in which he murders him. It takes the meaning more literally. >>
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    Nick - Cairns, Australia
  • Matt Tuck recalled to Kerrang! October 20, 2014: "When we wrote this song, it was the heaviest thing we had ever done. I wanted something passionate to sing about, and I dug back into what used to piss me off growing up. It was my school, basically. I got picked on a lot at school, so this is my opportunity to get my own back at them through song."

    He added: "The line 'You sealed your demise when you took what was mine' is me saying to the people picked on me, 'One day going to get your comeuppance.'"

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  • Daniel from Winchester, OhioWas this considered screamo music before screamo music was a thing?
  • Kate from Tulsa, OkI never really listened to bullet for my valentine until i started listening to my boyfriends mp3 player and now i love some of their songs they are great!!
  • Nathan Ritz from Paoli, InAll these things i hate (revolve around me) and tears dont fall are better
  • Matt from Iron Mountain, Mithis is alot like what i went through at the beginning of my days in first grade and i always bottled it up till one year i just snapped and anny kid that f--ked with me i beat till they were in the hospital to this day i dont put up with any ones s--t but i talk to friends to get over it so i can go on with life with out having second thoughts about it. btw this is got to be one of the best bands out there today
  • Shane from Rochester, NyThis song is great. The meaning is important as ever. The video is meh, but the song is just perfect. I love the lead up to the guitar solo and the guitar solo itself.
  • Kevin from Duluth, GaMichael Paget is the Lead Guitarist
    Matthew Tuck is the Rhythm guitarist.

    this song is very heavy metal, great beat, great meaning, great riffs.

    thank you BFMV
  • Daniel from Winchester, OhThis song totally describes what I went through my freshman year so finally i fought back and since then nobody has messed with me anymore
  • Nick from Cairns, AustraliaPadge is the lead guitarist name, but thats just his nickname, so I feel a bit shameful for that too. Great song, its got a bit of a "st. anger" (Metallica)intro to it, no tthat i like that song that much,
  • Atavan from Muntinlupa, PhilippinesIt's good, the video is even better, I LOVE BULLET FOR MY VALENTINE, I'm right the way I understands the song :)
  • D from Virginia, Uruguayi luv bullet for my valentine, but i feel like a dork for saying this cuz i dont know the guitarists name, but he ROX.
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