Back Against The Wall

Album: Cage The Elephant (2008)


  • This is the fourth single from Kentucky Rock five-piece Cage the Elephant's self-titled debut album. The song reached #1 on Billboard's Alternative Songs, the band's first release to top the chart.
  • Though most of Cage the Elephant's songs are autobiographical, their true meaning are not always apparent. Lead singer and chief songwriter Matt Shultz told "Most of the time everything I write is pretty personal. I just write it in code… make it really cryptic so it doesn't hurt the people that are around me or expose myself too much."
  • In the song's music video, the band wages war against some gnomes. Shultz told "My grandmother had several gnomes in her yard. I'm not completely sure why but they creeped me out. They had those painted eyes that always seemed to follow you no matter where you stood. I hate that. I can't stand the Travelocity gnome either."

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  • Elmer H from Westville, OkNumber One hit song from Cage The Elephant & I love it. "Back Against The Wall" is still played on the alternative rock stations in my area which speaks to the popularity of the song & this band. Their new album is due out soon (2013).
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