All Fall Down

Album: California Breed (2014)
  • California Breed recorded their eponymous debut album at producer Dave Cobb's Nashville studio in December 2013. Four months previously, vocalist Glenn Hughes went through heart surgery to replace his aortic valve, and survived subsequent near-fatal complications.

    "For some reason I wasn't frightened. I felt like I was going to be OK, but I'm still supremely grateful to be here," he told Billboard magazine. "For me to still be doing this at my age (62) with what I've been through with drink and drugs... There was a time everyone was putting best on me, 'Ah, Hughes is gonna be the first to go.' But he's still here."
  • This song is about a time many years previously when Hughes nearly passed away during his drug addicted phase. "I was lying on my bed and had all of my friends around me and thought that I had died," he recalled to Classic Rock magazine. "That's what the lyric 'I should have been gone. But I came back for me' is about. It's okay for me to go back and sing about that incident now because it was so long ago. And the song reminds me of Holy Man [from Deep Purple's Stormbringer album] in a way."


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