Sweet Tea

Album: California Breed (2014)
  • California Breed was formed in 2013 by vocalist Glenn Hughes, drummer Jason Bonham (both having recently been part of Black Country Communion), and guitarist Andrew Watt. The group recorded its eponymous debut album throughout late 2013 and this is the debut single from the project.
  • Glenn Hughes told Classic Rock magazine about the song : "It's the first song that I wrote for this band and it's got some real swagger. I wrote the melodies and titles for 'Sweet Tea,' 'Strong' and 'Breathe' in two days. We write separately but finish things off together."

    "I'm very proud of Sweet Tea," Hughes continued. "It's very groove orientated and kind of Aerosmith-y. [Starts singing down the phone: 'Mama's little sweet tea']. I'm not a dirty old man but I do like writing adolescent music and I'd like to think we can get a younger fan-base here, without losing our hardcore followers."


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