All American Girl

Album: Carnival Ride (2007)
Charted: 27


  • Carrie Underwood told Entertainment Weekly October 25, 2007 about how the recording of this song was encouraging for her in terms of her vocal technique: "Years ago I got together with a voice coach briefly and I hated it, because I felt like they tried to change things that, like, would make me me, you know? There's been a lot of growth over the past two years. I think I sound different now. I've gotten a lot more practice and everything's just gotten easier. Like, notes that I could barely hit for the first album - like, 'Oh my gosh, this is gonna kill me' - are a piece of cake now. We're on to new notes now that are way in the stratosphere. On 'All-American Girl,' the high note is the highest I've ever hit."
  • Underwood told Fox News that this song about a daughter wrapping his father round her finger is partly autobiographical.
  • In the music video, one of the scenes shows Carrie dressed in the same costume she wore in the video for "Before He Cheats." She also has the same bat and is standing in front of the truck she beat up. >>
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  • In this song, a guy dreams of having a son who will do manly things like play football and go fishing. When the baby is a girl, he's disappointed but soon learns to love her in a different way.

    Co-writer Kelley Lovelace recalled to AOL Music the story behind this song: "Ashley Gorley, Morgan Hayes and I wrote 'Don't Forget To Remember Me,' which went to #1 [for Carrie Underwood]. Ashley and I had one day with Carrie, and we had a couple of ideas we were prepared to pitch to her. She was sick and coughing, and I thought, 'God, I can't even believe she came.' She was really pleasant and in a real good mood, so we pitched her this first thing we were thinking about, which was kind of a 'Don't Forget To Remember Me: Part 2.' It was a solid song, and we felt really good about it. We got done and she said, 'Well that didn't take long. Maybe we should write another one.' We were surprised, because it was a nice day and she was sick. But she shrugged her shoulders and said she didn't have anywhere else she needed to be.

    We thought we needed to write something uptempo, since we already had a ballad/mid-tempo song finished. Ashley said, 'We've got this one thing that could be uptempo called 'All-American Girl.'' She laughed and said, 'It's not about me, is it?' We said, 'No, it's about this husband and wife, and the husband always wanted a boy, but he ended up with a girl.' She said, 'Great, sounds like my dad!'

    We started around 2:45 PM and by 5:30 PM we were totally done, and we never went back and changed anything. Really, if it wasn't for Carrie wanting to stay in there and write another one, we never would have written it. It really was a special day because we all three had really good chemistry. She was singing and getting in there with the melody and doing things vocally we wouldn't ever think about doing. Ashley and I walked into the parking lot and thought, 'What the heck happened in there?'"

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  • Star from, GaThis song is amazing! Carrie's so young! And she's beautiful. She looks amazing as a brunette, and she's hot in the waitress costume. This song is one of my faves!
  • Lilly from East Meadow, Nydang! this music vid must've taken 4eva to shoot! so many costumes!!!

    Carrie Underwood rocks! this song is 1 of my favs! rock on, Carrie!
  • Cecilia from Deep Sea Lake, SkThis song is a good song. I used this song for a project in my english class. We had to pick a song, tell the meaning of the song, tell some different lines and their meaning, and tell why we choose it.
  • Jasonsweird from Tokyo, Japanthis song roxs my sox my bro loves her he wants to marry her
  • John from Newton Aycliffe, United Kingdomcould this song not be the story of Carrie's live of when she was young and maybe it was told to her by her dad.
  • Amanda from Fort Wayne, Inhi
  • Sadie from Orange County, CaThis song is about a young married couple. The father really wants a guy, but "the nurse came in with a little pink blanket" and he ended up being wrapped around her finger, and she was his "All American Girl."
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