Album: Cry Pretty (2018)
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  • Carrie Underwood closes her Cry Pretty album with a peek inside the home where she grew up. Penned by the singer with Chris DeStefano and Dave Barnes, the country star paints a picture of her modest roots in Checotah, Oklahoma.

    It ain't always pretty as a picture
    And it ain't a mansion on a hill
    It's perfectly imperfect
    It's worth more than it's worth
    It's our life, it's our heart, it's our home
    This is our kingdom

    "I feel like 'Kingdom' is just all about the things that make you. I'm from a very small town in Oklahoma. When I sing this song, this is what I think of," said Underwood. "We had everything that we needed. Everything. We did not have a lot of extras in our lives, and that was, I think, a good thing. But to me when I think, I'm gonna cry, when I think about home it's the best thing. I'm so glad that I grew up where I grew up with my amazing family and the house that we grew up in that my parents still live at in that tiny town with not a lot to do and not a lot of extras. That is part of me."
  • On November 10, 2017, Carrie Underwood took a hard fall on the steps outside her home and was treated at the hospital for various injuries, including a broken wrist and multiple cuts and abrasions. The opening verse of this song gives a possible hint to the cause of the accident.

    It's a creaky board on the front porch, you swear you're gonna fix it soon


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