Two Black Cadillacs

Album: Blown Away (2012)
Charted: 41


  • This is a track from Blown Away, the fourth studio album from country singer Carrie Underwood. Working again with producer Mark Bright, the songstress co-wrote eight of the album's 14 songs, including the lead single "Good Girl" and this dark tale of a scorned woman turning to murder. She told Glamour magazine that though her lyrics are darker than ever, it doesn't mean that she is a violent femme herself. "It wouldn't be a Carrie Underwood album without a revenge song on it," said the country sweetheart. "People really like when I do that. I don't mean to. I don't hate men that much. But it turns out so well!"
  • The other two songwriters on this cut are Josh Kear and Hillary Lindsey, both of whom have contributed to award-winning singles recorded by Underwood. In the case of Josh Kear, he co-wrote another revenge fantasy, the American Idol graduate's 2007 CMA Song of the Year, "Before He Cheats," whilst Lindsay co-penned "Jesus, Take The Wheel," which won her a Grammy Award for Best Country Song.
  • Underwood shared with Billboard magazine that when she goes into a writing session, she sometimes adopts a character, who doesn't reflect the contentment in her real life situation. "My life is wonderful," she said. "I don't want people to try and draw any parallels with those songs and my life because my life is wonderful. I have a great husband and I'm very, very happy at home and in my life. My heart is very happy right now with everything in it. It's so much more fun to write about everything else. I live the love story at home, I don't want to live the love story at work."
  • Underwood performed the song on television for the first time on November 25, 2012 at the 40th Anniversary American Music Awards.
  • The song's music video was filmed on November 6, 2012 and directed by P.R. Brown (Josh Thompson's "Comin' Around," My Chemical Romance's "SING"). The clip shows Underwood's cheating boyfriend being killed after a high speed chase and was based loosely on Stephen King's Christine, a novel and film about a car with a mind of its own. "I had this idea ... If the car did the killing - a la 'Christine,' the Stephen King book - I just thought that would be a cool little twist to the story," Underwood explained in the behind-the-scenes video. "So I did reach out to ask if he might give his blessing, and I told him, 'I would never want to do this if you didn't sign off on it first.'"
  • Along with her song "Blown Away," Underwood sang this at the Grammy Awards in 2013 wearing a white dress that became a screen when images were projected on it.

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  • Robert from Kintore OntCarrie came many times. First good girl. Then some love stories. She complained all her writer wanted to do was talk about love. She's pretty. She yeawned bored. Asked about my life. My aunts boyfriend had died of cancer. But his wife had found out. Overdosed on pills. It's bad when you know all three players in a tragic story. No charges. The rest is similar to the video.
    Yours Poseidon
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