Stained Glass Masquerade

Album: Lifesong (2005)
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  • This song is about people who go to church and pretend to be someone they aren't - they put on a "painted grin" and act like everything's good and life is perfect. It encourages us to go deeper in relationships with people and with God, and make churches more accepting. >>
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    Jenner - San Diego, CA

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  • Kaleb from Puerto RicoI heard this song for the first time years ago as a kid. Yesterday I was listening to a Casting Crowns playlist on Spotify and this song came on and I couldn't stop crying the entire time because the song came in my life at the right time. I'm currently 21 years old. I see all my friends growing and doing so many great things all around me while I appear to be falling behind and tripping on every step I take. The past few weeks I've been plagued with frustration, fears and doubts about myself and my future all whilst putting on a disguise to everyone around me showing I'm doing great when I'm not. Some days I feel like falling apart to the pressures of Society and my own expectations. I needed to hear this song to finally break down and recognize that I don't need to have a stained glass masquerade, I don't need to pretend what I'm not or try to imitate everyone else but rather live honestly, trusting the Lord for my future and with my transparency attract and accept others who may be as much of a mess as I am and show them how God can turn messed into masterpieces.
  • Walleigh from Ider, AlI love this song! for so long, I was one of those "plastic" people. I now live a Christian life, and God has blessed and is still blessing me. Thanks C.C. for obeying God.
  • Kennedy from Redding, CaCasting Crowns is the greatest Christian music singers ever!!!If you have'nt heard any of casting crowns songs before you are missing out BIG TIME!!!!so if you havent you need to telling you they are the bomb!!!!which means their the best ever!!!! i love casting crowns so keep it up guys!!!!and will you think about coming back to Amarillo,Texas soon!!!i was at your last concert here and you rocked i was truly touched by god that night and your music helped!!!THANKS!;)
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