He's Still Here

Album: The Maker (2015)


  • In 2012 Chris August suffered a brain injury from a skateboarding accident. The struggle to wean himself off the painkillers left August depressed. He was given further medication, which did help but had some side effects. This song testifies to God's miraculous healing. August recalled to New Release Tuesday: "I was on tour with Big Daddy Weave and about 3 months in, I'm feeling foggy and loopy but I guess it is getting the job done, and I'm seeing on the tour all of these people getting healed. We were praying for people after each show. I was watching Mike Weaver pray with people, and I was watching the chains break, and I thought 'this is so awesome!'"

    "One night I was sitting there on the bus and thought 'wait a second, I want to be healed!' I was taking all this medication, and dealing with depression, and I couldn't sleep, so I took medication for that. I was tired of taking all of these pills, and I believed the Lord could heal me. I decided I was done taking pills, asked the Lord to heal me, and I was just going to walk in the healing."

    "The next day I started reading the Bible, and I'm not exaggerating, for hours every day. I was praying, and the next day I didn't take one more pill, and I haven't since. That's where the writing process started, right in that moment. The first song I wrote is called 'He's Still Here.' That song was about seeing the Lord literally heal me. I just started walking in it. His miracles were not just for 2000 years ago. He's still moving and healing."


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