Perfect Lover

Album: First Comes the Night (2015)


  • This is Chris Isaak's homage to Roy Orbison. He explained: "Somehow 'Perfect Lover' ended up as Orbinesque as anything I ever wrote, and I so wish Roy were still alive because I would be bothering him, saying, 'Roy, this song is perfect for you.'"

    "Roy had all those great songs where love is tragic and hard, but then there's a turnaround, like one of my favorites, 'Leah.' I like how 'Perfect Lover' ends on a positive note when the man in the song wakes up - so it's a song about bad dreams and happy endings."

    "People may not hear it, but at the same time this is also my nod to ABBA, who I really loved, so the song has that big production and my friend Michelle Branch singing along so well."

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  • Philippe from BelgiumI find something of " the Mavericks" in that song.
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