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Album: Deep Enough to Dream (1997)


  • Chris Rice explained to CCM Magazine presents 100 Greatest Songs In Christian Music that this was a song that originally wasn't intended to be a Christmas song but ended up becoming one. Said Rice: "It deals with the reality that God invaded our planet and became one of us, which is just astounding to me. I wrote about God coming to our world in a naïve way, knowing that it's not ours anyway, it's His. The thoughts that went through my head were about how tiny He was and how He came into the world just like the rest of us do. How much did He know at that point? When He was human flesh, was He aware at all that He was really God, or did He just accept all the limitations and start from scratch? I thought of that progression, and about the fact that He took on what He did so that we would be able to find God and be found by God."
  • Other artists to cover this include Amy Grant on her A Christmas to Remember album and Michael W. Smith on his Christmastime set. Smith's record label Rocketown Records signed Rice as its first artist in 1996.


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