• Churchill are an indie-folk five-piece from Denver, Colorado comprising Tim Bruns (guitar/vocals), Bethany Kelly (keyboards/vocals), Mike Morter (mandolin/guitar), Tyler Rima (bass) and Joe Richmond (drums). After playing a couple of shows with no name, the band decided to adopt as their moniker a saying they often used. "We had this thing when someone did something embarrassing or funny we would say that they "Churchilled" it," explained Richmond to 303 magazine.
  • This is the title track and lead single from their Change EP, which was self-recorded and produced by the band and re-released in October 2012 after they signed with the A&M/Octone Records label.
  • Bruns and Kelly share lead vocals on the track. Bruns told The ALT Vault it was "a really good learning process" for Bethany and him singing together. He said: "I have always thought she has the better voice, so when we first started the band there were times when I knew that a song would sound better if Bethany sang it. 'Change' is a good example of that. We are still learning to sing together and starting to really understand each others voices and styles."
  • Tim Twinem directed the song's music video, which features a man named Dennis dancing on rollerskates. It was the band who suggested the concept to Twinem "We met Dennis at a show we played in Boulder and what you see in the video is 100% him," explained Richmond to 303 magazine. He just loves to skate dance and he was doing that at our show and we asked him to be in our video. We didn't ask him to do anything besides be himself. We love Dennis."


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