Album: Love Is Dead (2018)


  • Here, Lauren Mayberry recounts an incident during which she told the other person she would hate them "forever." Though the Chvrches singer feels she'd been in the right, she regrets not holding her tongue and doesn't expect the other person to forgive her.
  • Mayberry explained that though she usually writes lyrics from a personal perspective, this was her homage to the songs that are in John Hughes movies. "For this one I always imagined it soundtracking a Breakfast Club library dance type moment," she said.
  • The word "forever" is repeated 24 times in each chorus.
  • Chvrches originally recorded the track for their 2018 Love Is Dead album. "Forever" saw a spike in streams after it featured on Elite, a Netflix drama which follows teenagers at a private school in Spain. The song originally scored the scene that led to Marina's murder in season 1, but it was only when it featured in several episodes throughout season 3 as a narrative thread that fans took notice.
  • Chvrches released a video for a new version of the song dubbed "Forever (Separate But Together Version)." The clip shows the three Chvrches members performing the track in their various home studios as they self-isolate in the 2020 coronavirus pandemic. Mayberry said in a statement that they "wanted to find something fun to do with the song when we couldn't all be in the same place, so Iain and Martin came up with the idea to record a stripped back, reinterpreted version."


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