Album: What's It Like Over There? (2019)


  • This song finds Kieran Shudall recalling a teenage romance which "was just like in the movies." The track was premiered on November 27, 2018 ahead of Circa Waves What's It Like Over There? album. Frontman Kieran Shudall explained to NME the band see "Movies" as a bridge to What's It Like Over There? "because it's got the guitar hooks we've always had and a new twist of electronic drums."
  • This song contains the line, "Dancing around my bedroom to 'Hounds Of Love.'"

    The Kate Bush song "Hounds Of Love" was a UK Top 20 hit for her in 1985. A rock cover of the song by post-punk band The Futureheads was released in 2005, reaching #8 on the UK Singles chart and getting named Single of the Year by NME magazine.

    Shudall recalled to NME: "My prime memory of being a kid was going to Leeds Festival, watching The Futureheads – it's their version of 'The Hounds Of Love' I was thinking of, though Kate Bush's original is also a banger. My initial introduction to that song was jumping around at Leeds Festival, off my face on two litres of Strongbow, absolutely loving life."
  • The song's music video features Circa Waves acting out scenes from some of their favorite movies, including Back to the Future, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, Point Break, A Clockwork Orange, Thelma and Louise and Reservoir Dogs, which are all referenced.

    "The 'Movies' video was about us having fun," said Shudall. "Whilst doubling up as a showreel for when we all individually want to break into Hollywood. It is a homage to the movies we've loved growing up."

    The video was released around the same time as Ariana Grande's "Thank U, Next" clip, which also saw her referencing some of her favorite films.


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