All of You

Album: All Of You (2011)
  • Much of the lyrical content of Colbie Caillat's third studio album, All Of You, concerns the ups and downs of relationships. The theme was inspired by the Californian singer-songwriter falling in love with her guitarist and musical director Justin Young. This song finds her singing about getting frustrated and demanding more honesty and more openness from her boyfriend. She told PopEater: "I write about that, and because it's all real situations I was going through, people are gonna be able to relate to it. It's just what happens to everyone."
  • Caillat explained to AOL Music why she made this song the album's title track: "It has such a powerful meaning - which is why I named the record after it. It's about honesty, truth, giving all of your self to the people or person you are with. Not hiding who you are to anyone."
  • Struggling with the lyrics for this track, Caillat told The San Francisco Examiner she asked her friend Jason Reeves to assist her. "I said, 'I need to write a song, but I need help because I just can't express what I'm feeling,'" she explained. "So I completely vented to him exactly what was going on, and he turned my words into poetry. And that's what I do now - whenever I'm feeling it, it just comes out."


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