Album: Breakthrough (2009)
  • This is one of three tracks on Breakthrough co-written by Kara DioGuardi. The hitmaker/American Idol judge rented a house with Caillat and some friends on a beach in Hawaii and had their own "writing camp." DioGuardi inspired the young singer/songwriter in the process. Caillat told MTV News: "Honestly, she's one of the best songwriters I've ever known. She's just fearless and really taught me a lot about opening up and just saying what you need to say and just singing what you're feeling and people will dig it."
  • Caillat told Star Pulse that this is one of her favorite tracks on Breakthrough. She explained: "It's an emotional ballad. It's just the vocals, the piano, and this really cool bass that sounds like a heartbeat behind it. I wrote it from someone's perspective of getting their heart broken - saying it's not going to bury them and effect how they feel about love in the future."
  • Caillat further expanded on this song to MTV News: "It's actually from the guy's perspective whose heart I broke and him telling me this break-up is not going to bury him, it's just one little chapter in his life, and that he is going to be fearless in future relationships," she added. "It's an emotional ballad."
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