No One
by Cold

Album: 13 Ways to Bleed on Stage (2000)


  • In this song, Cold lead singer Scooter Ward is all alone, and he can't believe no one was sent to get him. It sounds like a personal crisis, but he wrote the song for his mother after her closest friends moved away from her.
  • This was featured on the A Walk To Remember soundtrack. The movie was Mandy Moore's debut on the big screen, and also featured Shane West. >>
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    Daisy - Ikast, Denmark

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  • Zero from The Abyss, NjSierra Swan sings additional vocals on the track.

    This album, like most of Cold's material, was played in C tuning.

    Terry Balsamo's guitar of choice for this album was an Ibanez RG570 and mainly used a Mesa Boogie Triple Rectifier.
  • Reagan from Dfw, TxI have always thought this song was talking about the rapture and him being left behind When God comes back for his people. Think about it. "I'm all alone, no one was sent to get me & "No one got let here"....makes so much sense or am I just crazy. I doubt he's talking about that though.
  • Cp from Cleveland, OhSupposedly the song is about how when scooter ward's mother was left to raise her child alone that she was so trapped in raising scooter that she did not have a chance to continue the lifestyle of being young and going out and meeting new people. the song is about how she felt alienated by her friends upon rising to challenge of raising a child.
  • Human from Osijek, OtherThis song helped me to rediscover rock music all over again,as a loyal fan of classic rock,i never thought that in the modern rock music could ever be the beauty of clasic rock,the melodies and the depth,but this song has it all ,,the whole package,also the whole 13 ways to bleed on the stage album now belongs to my own
    hall of fame of RnR right next to nirvanas nevermind and pearl jams ten,,,,
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