Glass of Water

Album: Prospekt's March EP (2008)
  • In an interview on Coldplay's website, frontman Chris Martin said that he felt the songs on Viva La Vida and the Prospekt's March EP are "all part of the same family." He added that because this song is, "a little heavier for example, we felt like, 'Let's put the album out and then if it does OK we'll put out those songs that we were maybe a little shy about putting out.'"

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  • Susan from Airdrie, -This is a wonderful song. Not only the meaning, which hit me just now after listening to it umpteen times (I'm a little slow), but the music itself. It sounds BIG, meant for a stadium. Love the way it begins and then BOOM! It's almost a religious experience. I love Coldplay!
  • Kaley from Calgary, Abi think this song is just kind of about living life to the fullest, and living in the moment, not in the past. i think it's a really great song, and the reference to the 'glass of water' is really smart :)
  • Godwin from Masvingo, ZimbabweGreat song thats all i can say. Great lyrics. It feels great being the first to comment on the song on this site
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