I Just Don't Think I'll Ever Get Over You

Album: Transcendental Highway (1998)


  • Colin Hay wrote this song after a long battle with alcoholism that cost him his marriage and sent him into a depression. "I Just Don't Think I'll Ever Get Over You" came to him very quickly - it took him only about 40 minutes to write. The "you" in the song is alcohol, which was so important to him for so long that it seemed to take on its own persona. Sober, he can drink good coffee every morning, but he'll never completely get over the whiskey.

    In 2007, he released a more direct song on this topic: "I Wish I Was Still Drinking."
  • This song appeared on Hay's fifth solo album, Transcendental Highway, which got little notice. With his band Men At Work, he was a multi-platinum recording artist, but he had trouble finding an audience on his own. He got a big break when Zach Braff discovered his music and got him on his show Scrubs. When Braff made the movie Garden State in 2004, he included "I Just Don't Think I'll Ever Get Over You" on the soundtrack, which was a huge seller, introducing Hay to a new audience.

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  • Steven Edwards from UkI lost Colin after his first solo album Looking For Jack and found him again 11 albums later when I saw him performing with Bare Naked Ladies. So much, thoughtful and emotional songs, many about hardship and loss but always quality whether it's album material or his live shows with great songs and stories.
  • Chris from IllinoisI find it hard to believe that this song is solely about his alcoholism.
  • Arfon Harry Williams from Wirral UkI have discovered Colin Hay ...via Overkill...then I heard this song.......speechless. Beautiful song..The 'you' for me was different of course..
  • Michael from Dundee Scotland I've listened to Collins music for years amazing voice would love to see him live. Unfortunately never see uk dates. But if we both could live to 102 I will then see you.
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