She's With Me

Album: Never Going Back (2009)
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  • This single was taken from country music singer Collin Raye's tenth studio album, Never Going Back.
  • This song is a tribute to Raye's granddaughter, Haley, who suffered from a severe but undiagnosed brain disorder. Raye explained on his website: "It's very hard to write about things like this, because nothing is ever good enough for her, and it's hard to put into words how you feel. The idea of 'She's With Me' struck me about a year or so ago. Thinking in this life she can't do anything for herself. She comes and goes because she's with me, and then I related it to the after life thinking, well, if I'm lucky enough to ever be standing in front of the Lord or St. Peter… maybe, she'll be standing there and say, Well, it's okay, because he's with me."
  • Raye told Christian Music Today: "There is no way my family and I could cope with our situation with Haley if it weren't for our faith in our Lord. Despite constant moments of frustration and asking 'why?' we keep on living and coping, confident in the absolute knowledge that our savior knows far more than we do and that someday in his presence, he will reveal to us why our baby had to suffer so much on this earth. It was in this belief that I received the song 'She's With Me' directly from God."
  • The track was released to raise funds for organizations helping children with neurological diseases.
  • Raye announced the death of Haley, on Saturday April 3, 2010. His granddaughter was nine-years-old when she passed away.

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  • Christine Schmidt from North Platte NebraskaLove this I have a 25 year old with cerebral palsy that will never be older than 8
  • Maggie from San Dieo, CaThis song is perfect and beautiful and it found me by complete randomness. My daughter was 4 when she passed away from Spinal muscular atrophy a nuerological disease and the words and the video of this song were just so personal and touching. I was at work when I saw it and that wasnt good cause it made me cry!
  • Cheryl from Quad Cities, IlHow touching and heart breaking! The song was so beautiful and so pertinent to what's going on in your family. God bless you, your family, and your precious Haley!
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