He Liked To Feel It

Album: A Worm's Life (1996)
  • This song, destined to be the band's next big hit in America, had a video that never aired in the United States. It is about a boy desperately trying to pull his tooth out just so "he could feel it." The violent scenes in the video prompted VH1 and MTV to ban it from airplay. Random TV stations in Canada, however, agreed to show it, continuing the band's fame in their home country, but they are still labeled as one hit wonders in the US. >>
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    Jeff - Kendall Park, NJ

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  • Brady from Niagara Falls, NyLooking forward to seeing the "Crash perform in Niagara Falls in 20 hours.
  • Trent from Swift Current, Canadathe deepest voice in music, for a white man
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