Speak Now

Album: Farmer's Daughter (2010)


  • Bowersox and musician Brian Walker were married on October 10, 2010 at Uncommon Ground Café in Chicago. They met six years previously while both performing at the café's Open Mic Night, but took their time to become a couple. Bowersox explained to Lyndsey Parker of Yahoo Music: "'Speak Now' was written in 2008. I was pregnant at the time. Brian is not the biological father, but has been there from the beginning. We had toyed around with being a couple back then, but he had fears of inadequacy and we were both broke musicians: 'I can't support you and a baby!' And I just kept telling him, like that line in [another Farmer's Daughter song] 'Mine All Mine': 'I don't want your money, honey, I just need your time.' He was just scared, so I wrote 'Speak Now.' Like, 'You better speak now, or I'm leaving!'"


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