Left Behind
by CSS


  • This Brazilian band were left broke after they discovered that their manager Eduardo Ramos had been overspending their earnings. After a bitter row, they fired him. However the band were left in a difficult situation as their bassist Ira Trevisan was Ramos' girlfriend. She finally left the band in April 2008, claiming that she wanted to focus "on fashion and other projects." This song marks the moment CSS put their difficulties behind them after they were also asked to support Gwen Stefani on tour. Vocalist Lovefoxxx explained to The Sun July 17, 2008: "We loved that tour. Gwen is such a big star, so we were very excited about meeting her. We were in Finland, DJ-ing in Helsinki, and suddenly everyone was on the tables dancing and wearing the lampshades as hats. People were wrestling and drinking beer. It was lots of fun and the song tells the story. It even sounds Gwen Stefani-influenced."
  • Lovefoxxx explained to The Sun why they titled the album Donkey: "We like horses but are taking the mickey out of ourselves as a donkey, which is a poor version of a horse, because we were donkeys last year for sure. We have a Brazilian friend with a funny English accent who calls everyone a donkey. She gave us the title idea."
  • CSS named themselves after a Beyoncé quote. The Texan superstar once said she was "tired of being sexy," which in the band's native Portuguese translates as "Cansei de Ser Sexy."


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