Heavy Seas Of Love

Album: Everyday Robots (2014)
Charted: 70


  • Albarn closes his Everyday Robots album with this Brian Eno collaboration, which finds both men singing a hopeful message:

    "If the world is too tall, you can jump you won't fall
    You're in safe hands
    What the day will now give, how those seeds will now live
    It's in your hands."

    Albarn told Rolling Stone that Brian Eno is a neighbor of his. "I used to go to a health club that he goes to as well, but he always did much more interesting things than I did," he added."I'd be on a mind-numbing running machine, and he took water aerobics classes. He was very Eno about it."
  • The song features The Leytonstone City Mission Choir, who also contributed to "Mr. Tembo." Albarn felt that the choir held a nostalgic importance to him and asked the Church if he could record with the collective. He told Uncut magazine: "They're from the City Mission on Colworth Road. It was the Pentecostal church literally at the end of my road, and it was a very bright childhood memory, standing outside, listening to the music coming out of there. I'm sure somehow it's connected to songs like 'Tender,' 30 or 40 years later."
  • Brian Eno is better known as a producer than a singer. It was Everyday Robots producer, Richard Russell, who suggested that he sung on this track. Albarn told The Sun: "He said, 'No one asks Brian to sing, everyone asks him to produce.' And Brian is such a fan of singing – he has a vocal group who meet every Tuesday."

    He has such a clear, crisp voice and mine is such a different tone, so it was interesting to put the two together," Albarn added.
  • The artwork for the song's single release features the Palacio Salvo building, which is located in the Uruguay capital of Montevideo. Albarn explained during a Rediit AMA: "I found my whole stay in Uruguay quite affecting - the view from my hotel was completely dominated by the Palacio Salvo. I spent a lot of time looking at it."


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