Album: The Logic of Chance (2010)


  • Dan le sac Vs Scroobius Pip are an English hip-hop duo, who combine electronic beats with spoken word lyrics. The pair are producer and programmer Daniel Stephens (aka Dan le sac), and vocalist/rapper David Peter Meads (aka Scroobius Pip), whose moniker is an intentional misspelling of the Edward Lear poem, The Scroobious Pip.
  • This is the lead single from the duo's second album, The Logic of Chance. In it Scroobius Pip entreats kids to stop having babies out of wedlock, and to use condoms and other modes of birth control. The duo admitted to Spinner UK: "It may sound a bit heavy handed or preachy, but if we can reach just a handful of people to create a change, then we feel it's been a success. Any negative reviews of the album are irrelevant at that level."
  • The Logic of Chance addresses issues affecting at-risk youth living in England. "It's tough to live in the UK at the moment and not have some kind of awareness of these issues," Dan le Sac told Spinner UK. "The media over-exaggerates and bombards us with all the images of troubled youth. We're trying to get some discussion going that isn't quite so extreme, and to look at things realistically and improve them."


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