You Will See Me

Album: Repent Replenish Repeat (2013)
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  • This was the duo's last single before taking a break in 2014. It was released for Christmas 2013 - the irony being that it's the very antithesis of a Christmas single, being very dark and not remotely festive. In his interview with London Real, Pip noted that it was released at Christmas because "We thought it'd be really fun to release such a dark, serious, intense song when everything else is 'hey, Christmas time!'"
  • The video is very creative, and is set in one solitary room. The music video starts with the room already trashed, and Pip sitting on the floor with clothes a mess. As the song builds through the first verse, he climbs to his feet and raps. Into the second verse, the video starts to reverse, with Pip trashing the room in reverse - chairs and typewriters "un-smash," and Pip recites the lyrics in reverse.

    "I had to learn the second verse in reverse," noted Pip. "It was intense. The way I did it was I got Dan to send me the a cappella (version of the vocals) reversed, and then I wrote it phonetically... it had mixed results. The first bit we did, we watched it back and it worked, and I was buzzing... but some bits didn't work, because some bits backwards, when it makes like a 'shh' noise, when you replicate that with your lips, it's not gonna be the same in reverse. So we did a load of takes of me lip-synching backwards, and then we watched over and looked at what didn't work, and then we got me to say those lines forwards, then we reversed it, turned the sound down, and then tried to write down what it looked like I was saying. So it looks like I'm saying 'a cow hat moon dog.' So we rewrote that, so then I'm saying that, in time to the backwards vocals... it was intense. It wasn't easy! But I think that's the beauty of being limited by budgets. I think that's a great thing, your creativity is pushed hugely. If we had big budgets we'd just say, 'lets shoot this on an airstrip, and have this going on and that going on.' I think we had £1000 for that, but I think it looks far more expensive than that! It's about finding interesting and creative ways of using that. We edited it ourselves, me and my mate Tom shot it."


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