You Will Ride With Me Tonight

Album: In The Time Of Gods (2012)
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  • Dar Williams' ninth studio album, In the Time of Gods, has a theme of Greek mythology running through it. The Chappaqua, New York native got the idea whilst driving on an isolated highway, on a trip from New York to Ontario. "I thought, 'I want to write a biker song!,'" she recalled with a laugh. "And then my second thought was, 'I want to write an epic biker song.' The Greek messenger of the dead is named Hermes, and I want to write about him - the god of travelers and thieves.

    I had this picture of Hermes starting to take a silver-haired woman down to her death, as she's asked him to do, and instead he seduces her, saying 'I love people like you who are experienced and worldly,'" she added. "And then I thought, why don't I really freak out my record company and make a whole album about Greek mythology? So I decided to look at each of the gods of the Parthenon and see if their stories sprang to life for me or not." This was the first song Williams penned after coming up with the concept.
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