Heartbreak Road

Album: True Believers (2013)
  • Rucker penned this song with the Academy of Country Music's Songwriter of the Year, Dallas Davidson, and another leading Nashville songsmith, Rhett Akins. Ignoring their credentials, Rucker's daughter began to critique one of their lyrics whilst being driven to school.
    "We had this great line that said, 'You can take me to the moon and back and I can kick my boots off lay back in your Cadillac,'" he explained to Radio.com. "My 11-year-old daughter says, 'Daddy, that's lazy. You rhymed back with back. You could have said something different. 'Take your boots off, relax in my Cadillac.'
    "I thought, 'Yeah, we can say that. Well, we're going to change that, but you're not going to get 10 percent [songwriting fee],'" he added. "That was wild. My daughter called me out on lazy songwriting but she was right."


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