Might Get Lucky

Album: Charleston, SC 1966 (2010)
  • Rucker co-wrote this track about a family man trying to squeeze in a little romance between the household chores with his friend, the Country singer-songwriter Radney Foster. The former Hootie & The Blowfish singer told The Boot about their collaboration: "Radney and I were writing one day. We wrote one song, and then we started 'Might Get Lucky,'" he recounted. "We got through the verse and the chorus, and then he went in and finished it. Radney demoed it, and you know how big of a Radney fan I am. Radney doesn't just demo it with vocals and guitar; he whole-band demos it! [laughs] I'm not kidding! I'm telling you, I kept listening to this thing four or five times a day because it's such a great demo. When we went into the studio to record it, I kept wanting to sing it like Radney had, because I heard that demo for so long. I loved all the little phrasings he did and that Texas twang that he's got."
  • The album title is a play on another album name, Del Rio, TX 1959 by Radney Foster, which noted the Country artist's birthplace and birth year. "Before I named the album Charleston, SC 1966, I called Rad and told him what I was doing and why I wanted to do it," Rucker explained to The Boot. "I wanted to make sure he was cool with it. I think he liked it."


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