Album: Charleston, SC 1966 (2010)
Charted: 51
  • Rucker and producer Frank Rogers co-wrote this track with former American Idol judge Kara DioGuardi. The song's subject matter is about how choices made in the past can result in life's path taking a completely different route.
  • Rucker told The Boot that the trio used modern technology to write this song: "Frank and Kara started it and then we actually finished it on the iChat," he said.
  • Rucker told The Boot: "I came home yesterday and [my wife] said, 'Do you know what my favorite song on the record is?' and I said, 'What?' and she said, 'This.' I said, 'Me too.' It's a real good song."
  • The song was Rucker's fifth chart-topper on the Country chart. "When we set out to record this album, we tried to choose songs that would mean something to the fans," said Rucker. "The single, 'This,' was a song I never thought would be a single, but that just shows you the power of the fans because they were the ones requesting it, downloading it, and playing it for their friends. It's their support that has made my career in country music possible."


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